For the purpose of achieving this mission in 2013 we founded the Festival for processing culture – DRIMON. Held at the last week of july, the five day programme of the DRIMON Festival has a purpose providing free entry for the audience into actual contemporary art achievements, promotion of independent film, literature, theatrical and music scene, to stimulate cultural activism, as well as to offer lectures and workshops that will empower audience to be aware and open-minded for new progressive ideas and better citizenship. Our vision is to transform the city of Struga into a creative environment where these progressive energies will come and enable decentralisation of ideas enriching creative capacities. The previous three editions were extremely successful in creating a conversation around Macedonia’s cultural scene. Over the festival editions we brought 80 presenters from around the country as well as several authors from abroad and an audience of around 5000 people. It was covered by radio, TV stations, printed media web-portals that published articles and interviews from the event. The festival was organized with a small amount of financial support from the Municipality of Struga, contributions from individual donors, logistical support from the Cultural Center of Struga, and volunteer work by INCA members and youth volunteers.