The main objective of the campaign was stimulating the reading habit in primary school students, their imagination and writing skills. A study hall was opened within the frameworks of the project in the Miladinov Brothers City Library Struga. This project was supported by EVN Macedonia.


The dance performance (EU)ropa took place on 11.03.2017 in Poshka Theater, Struga within „Struga Creative City“, project, supported by Civic Participation for Local Democracy project, implemented by the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia (FOSM) and Center for Development of Local Democracy (CDLD) Photos: Rade Gogoski, Research and Performance: Sabrina Zeleznik (Slovenia, Macedonia), Gisela Fantacuzzi (Italy, Argentina), Choreography: Gisela Fantacuzzi, Concept: Franco Sacchetti, Production: Insomnia.


INCA organized a lecture by Jan Harlan, producer of Stanley Kubrick’s films, as well as screening of “Factories have soul too”, a film by Jane Altipramakov and Natasha Geleva in the Open Graphics Studio in Skopje on 22 November 2013. Factories have soul too is a short video-art documentary, presenting the ambient throughout the factories in Macedonia and giving it a new perspective. The authors explain that this piece presents an “audio-visual trip” through the metallurgic factory Makstil. It is exactly this project that connects both Macedonian artists with the producer Harlan. Factories have soul too is coordinated by him. The subject of his lecture was on the short film as a calling card, telling a story with images and sound alone and our inner fantasy as a basis for all arts and science. His lecture was followed by Q&A. Jan Harlan worked as executive producer on several Kubrick’s films, such as Berry Lyndon, Shining, Full metal Jacket, Eyes wide shut, as well as Steven Spielberg’s A.I. He is also brother of Kubrick’s widow, Christiane Kubrick.


The novel “Back up life” by Lidija Dimkovska, who won the 2013 EU prize for literature, was promoted on 5 July 2014 in the Cultural Center Miladinov Brothers in Struga. The introduction was made by the Macedonian author Nenad Joldevski and moderator was Mersiha Ismailovska, both from Struga


 Poetry Performance, Gjoko Zdraveski „House for migratory birds“


 Exhibition of Atanas Botev “Lucid Synesthetic Dialogue”


The artists from the INCA team participated  in the project „The use of art where it’s hard to speak” – exchange among artists working in social sphere„ implemented by Media Artes from Ohrid.


 Training for Cultural Enterperneurship in Kavarna, Bulgaria


 Campaign for raising public awareness against clientelism. This campaigm is within the frameworks of the project “Media circle” and is financed by the EU. Authors of the slogans are Kristina Todoroska Petrteska and Natasha Geleva. The posters a re designed by Hristijan Tomanoski, Nikola Matoski and Goran Ristovski