Day1| World in transit  Day2| Frame cut Day3| Projected living Day4| Tomorrow's artist Day5|Separate reality

Day1| World in transit 

Wednesday 23 July World (awareness in transit)

17:00 Official opening, Press conference 18:00 MOnuMENTl and beyond...Stories and silkprint with Marko Krojac (GER) 20:00 Lecture "18%", Nebojsha Ilievski 21:30 Exhibition: "Region in transition: triptych" Igor Toshevski 22:30 Film: Noviembre 00:00 DJ Set Jane Altiparmakov

Day2| Frame cut

Thursday 24 July, Frame Cut
16:00 Experimental workshop for children
18:00 Lecture "Applied music", Igor Vasilev Novogradska 20:00 Lecture "Amateur and professional film production, similarities and differences", Stefan Sidovski
21 :30 Exhibition "Dis-connected", Ana Lazarevska
22:30 Short movies: "Thursday", Milcho Manchevski, "Episodist", Igor Aleksov, "Hair", Eleonora Veninova, "What is a parade", Natasha Geleva, "The girl with the matches", Filip Matevski, "Chicken soup", Lidija Mojsovska
00:00 Dj Set Novogradska

Day3| Projected living

Friday 25 July, Projected living
16:00 Origami workshop for youth with Ivana Grupche
18:00 Lecture: "Sustainable communities - cultural centers", Jan Ziljstra, Elena Dishlievska
20:00 Lecture: "Parametric formstions", Jone Jankoski 21 Video "DDevice", OPA (Obsessive Possessive Aggression)
22:30 DJ Set Nikola Matoski

Day4| Tomorrow\'s artist

Saturday 26 July, Tomorrow's artist
16:00 Workshop for youth "Urban knitting", Katerina Mikrut
18:00 Art presentation "Mini museum", Alexis Debeuf (Fr)
20:00 Lecture "Free zones of urban conciseness" Ana Jovkovska 21 :30 Exhibition "Pop art ilustrations%Énkel Dika; "The fearless", Ljubisha Kamenjarov
22:30 Concert: Ti + Dojo (SR)

Day5|Separate reality

Sunday 27 July, Other Reality 17:00 Interactive workshop Surrealistic exercise 20:00 Lecture and exhibition "The city and the extraordinary (the sensibility and the birth of modern poetry) academician Vlada Uroshevik 21:00 Poetry performance "Two moons", Nikola Madjirov 22:30 Theatre "l, Love, God", Buden Teatar 00:00 DRIMOFF DJ Set